Summer is here which means there is more time to climb!

We have an incredible sale on punch passes which make visits super cheap and you can even use them the day you purchase them so you can enjoy instant savings.

We’re kicking off the summer with a Community BBQ at Lincoln woods! This will be a great opportunity to climb outside and meet the community so don’t miss out and we’ll see you there. If you really can’t make it, follow us on Instagram!

With the nice weather, a lot of our climbers are starting to think about climbing outside so check out our awesome Guiding Program to learn how you can try it with us!

If you want a sneak peak at our new Providence, RI location opening later this year, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the process that goes into building our 5th location!

Summer camps start at the end of the month so if you’re looking for fun activities for the young crusher in your life, register them today to lock down classes before they fill up.

If you need a break between climbs, be sure to check out the brand new belay device options like the Edelrid Ohm across all of our shops!

Finally, big thanks to everyone for helping us raise over $700 towards the Providence Community Library. We’re so close to reaching our goal of $1,000 by Saturday June 23 when we’ll be sending head route setter, Mike Dominguez “Over the Edge” of the Regency Plaza Apartments in downtown Providence. This is minutes away from our new location and we’re so excited to support the local community. We also have the Belay for Life in July so if you’d like to raise money to help the American Cancer Society, please help us spread the word for this awesome event!