Slackline Workshops

Our in-house slacklining expert, Thonah Ep, is offering his knowledge to the patrons of RSC in bi-monthly 1 hour instructional workshops, which will familiarize the newcomer to the basic elements of the sport or help the advancing practitioner deepen their skills. Through demonstration, observation and instruction, Thonah will help you build the foundation of a solid slackline practice, support you as you progress in technique and balance, and show you a bit of where the sport can go!

Thonah is a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Thonah has been slacklining for a year and a half and is a sponsored Slackliner through Gibbon Slacklines. To Thonah, slacklining is not only a sport but also a way of life that teaches him to relax and be in the moment because every step you take is a conscious decision. “Everyone knows how to balance so its a matter of allowing your body to do what it does.”

Please check the calendar or in-house signs for workshop dates and times.


Thank you for a great season, courses should resume in the fall.