schoolgroups climbing

2 Hour “We Belay Group”
As low as $15/climber
- up to 2 hrs of supervised climbing and games. 
 $15 rate for schools arriving M-F before 3pm during the school year. Regular rate is $25/climber, $20 if more than 20 participants.

Multi-Week “Climbing Adventure”
Up to 1.5hrs/week, starting at $14/visit. 
Our staff will belay, assist with the auto-belays and bouldering safety. 
Customizable program can include belay lessons (optional), knot tying, general climbing knowledge and safety.
 $12 with guarantee of over 100 total visits during course of program.

Field Trip – Take it outside!
Up to 3hrs $40/climber. 
We’ll set up the ropes and belay for an afternoon of outdoor climbing adventure. Available at several locations in RI and MA.

All programs can be structured around specific curriculum upon request.

Large Group Discount
Groups of 50 or more climbers may be eligible for additional discounts – even on weekends! Please book one month in advance for large groups.

Click here to view the complete deposit policy.

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